Ferrum Engineering Ltd. Dunedin, New Zealand

Marine & Industrial Engineers

Health & Safety Policy

The Management of Ferrum Engineering has made a serious commitment to keeping all Staff free from harm at work, and to protect the environment. To support this we have put in place policies, procedures, equipment, resources, and training for Staff, Contractors and Visitors in order to effectively manage health, safety and environmental risks in our workplace.

Our mission is to continually improve our performance by setting annual health and safety goals; monitoring and reviewing our performance to ensure that we achieve our goals; providing for and encouraging the involvement of all staff in the development and review of work practices and our health, safety and environmental management systems; complying with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, all statutory / regulatory standards, applicable Codes of Practice, and Industry “Best Practice” guidelines.


To achieve this we will:-


      iv.     Maintain a safe working environment for all personnel.


       v.     Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations .


      vi.     Minimise losses to property, equipment and materials.


     vii.     Reduce the risk of personal injury and ill health, environmental damage, and business losses for our contractors, our customers, and ourselves.


    viii.     Ensure that any staff unfortunate enough to suffer a work-related injury receives appropriate treatment, care and assistance to enable them to return to productive employment as soon as possible.


      ix.     Audit and assess our performance on a regular basis to identify possible improvements we can make.


       x.     Communicate with Staff through Health & Safety Committee and Team Meetings, and newsletters. Encourage, acknowledge, and reward staff contributions.


      xi.     Equip Supervisors and staff with key responsibilities with the skills to carry out their Health & Safety functions.


Ferrum Engineering requires all staff to comply with the provisions of our operating policies and their employment contracts.


Contractors attending this site are required to fully discharge their responsibilities as defined in law, and set out in our safety and health Guidelines.